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Strategic Goals

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Strategic Goals
  • Strategic Goals:

    It’s expected that by 2015, Yanchang will realize the annual sales revenue of more than RMB 200 billion Yuan, building itself into one of the Top 500 companies in the world, and modern chemical engineering enterprise well-known both in China and across the world.

  • Development Methods: “Three root, Three reliance, and Three propellants”

  • Three root:

    First, develop oil, gas, coal, and salt chemical engineering and the manufacturing of related equipments by taking root in the exploration, exploitation and processing of oil and natural gas, so as to forge the industrial layout for the comprehensive development of oil, gas, coal, and salt, and expand the industrial chain of oil and natural gas; by taking root in Northern Shaanxi, it will grasp development opportunities in Shaanxi and build several industrial parks and key projects across different regions, so as to enhance the radiating effect of Yanchang, and; third, by taking root in China, it will promote the opening-up, combine the strategies of “brining in” and “going global”, absorb foreign capital and advanced technologies, seek resources and market in foreign countries, and take part in international competition, so as to build Yanchang into a modern energy chemical engineering enterprise well-known both in China and across the world. 

  • Three reliance:

    First, speed up its development by relying on systematic innovation and large projects; second, elevate its technical level and core competitiveness by relying on technical advance and independent innovation, and; third, promote its economic benefit and sustainable profitability by relying on scientific and delicacy management.

  • Three propellants:

    First, propel the liberation of thought, reform, and opening-up to realize leap-forward development; Secondly, boost the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure and achieve clean production and sustainable development .third, propel the coordination of enterprise and local government to promote win-win development.

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