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Safety in Production

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Production Safety
With regard to safety in production, Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Corp. Ltd. has always insisted on the policy of “giving priority to safety, taking precautions being the main method, and integrating prevention and treatment. When educating and training the staff in this aspect, the Group follows the spirit in the provincial meeting on safety in production, the relevant regulations of the state. The company aims at building and perfecting the long-term mechanism on safety in production. The responsibility on safety in production is made very clear to every level and person with the company focusing on eliminating hidden troubles and making bigger investment on safety aspect. Strictly observing the rules of build, rebuild, and add project safety installations spontaneously and speeding up the technological reform, the company actively promotes the application of research fruits on safety and strives to build a safety culture with Yanchang petrol characteristics. Yanchang Petroleum was awarded the name of “Model Enterprise on Safety in Production” by Shaanxi provincial government in 2006.
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