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Skills Development

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Skills development

Occupational skills development is to improve the professional quality of workers and professional ability of the measures and means to solve the current operation and service providers lack of highly skilled personnel effective means of rational allocation of human resources and restructuring of the quality of workers play an important role in the foundation. According to the provincial party committee and the Office of the provincial government "on further strengthening the work of highly skilled personnel of the implementation" (Shaanxi Office of the [2007] 13), the provincial party committee and the provincial government "to further strengthen the implementation of the development of qualified personnel" (the Shan [2007] 18) and the provincial government "on the issuance of all engineering skills overall plan (2007-2010), the notice" (the Shaanxi-G [2007] 13) spirit, to further accelerate the development of vocational skills, vocational skills building identified Work system, the company on June 30, 2008 joint meeting of the party and government through research, the company decided to launch the development of vocational skills.

  • A guiding ideology
    Adhere to the scientific concept of development as guidance, thoroughly implement the Party and government highly skilled personnel working on a series of mental and deployment, to firmly establish the concept of people-oriented, and strive to create Gan Shiye to encourage skilled personnel to support the stem into the cause of skilled personnel to help Skilled personnel Ganhao Shi industry environment, highly skilled personnel play an active role in the lead, continue to grow and develop highly-skilled personnel, and optimize the structure of trade unions, to conduct all operations and service staff training, identification of work and continuously push forward the building of the contingent of highly skilled personnel, For the construction of modern international energy and chemical enterprises to provide personnel support and security.

    Second, the objective of Construction of the three systems, and improve a mechanism for achieving group of highly skilled personnel quality and quantity of the dual-raising.

    1. to build the three systems. First, wide coverage, multi-functional system of vocational and technical training, and the other is standardized, and social and vocational skills identification system, and the third is training, identification of quality control each other and promote each other's guarantee system.

    2. and constantly improve the incentive and restraint mechanisms. Gradually establish identification, training, use, treatment of a combination of "combine" mechanism.

    3. and Group of highly skilled personnel quality and quantity of the dual-raising. Group to focus on training a number of requirements of the rapid development of highly skilled personnel to operate and service company staff structure tends to reasonable, the total contingent of highly skilled personnel with the company and adapt to the development of a echelon structure.


  • Third, specific measures

    1. to strengthen high-skills training of personnel. Strengthening the contingent of highly skilled personnel reserve training; conscientiously carry out the existing highly-skilled personnel training, establishing effective, "the division with only" system for the design and career training, conducting training Banzu Zhang.

    2. a comprehensive vocational skills identification. The establishment of vocational skills identification system as the core capacity to explore, to focus on the performance of skilled personnel evaluation of the new model.

    3. carried out highly-skilled personnel selection. To conduct all technicians and senior technicians evaluation; skills competition to establish the system of technical experts selected in recognition of the work and recommended the establishment of expert skills group system.

    4. strengthening infrastructure construction. Use of existing resources, focus on strengthening the main training base construction trades, in particular, technicians, senior technician training base for building and strengthening high-tech personnel training of teachers and building materials; ensure the total wages of workers from 2.5 percent in funding for education of not less than 30 % Of the funding for high-skilled personnel training, identification of work.

    5. highly skilled personnel to strengthen incentives. Improve the basic wage system, the establishment of technicians allowance system; establishment of a special reward system, in technological innovation, technological innovation, construction of major projects made outstanding contributions or are rated as national, provincial, the company-level technical experts, to give leaders Spiritual and material rewards, and improves the welfare system, the progressive realization of highly skilled personnel and management personnel, professional and technical personnel enjoy the same benefits.

    6. do a good job in the use of highly skilled personnel and management. According to state regulations, the gradual implementation of employment for new recruits and existing staff the holder access to the system of employment through the establishment of technicians and senior technicians evaluation appointment system; groups inside and outside technicians in the exchange of technology; actively explore internal human resources market system, Panhuo Highly skilled human resources, promote the rational flow of talent within, home to attract outside talent.

    Fourth, the company set up identified vocational organizations

    (A) the establishment of vocational skills identified by the

    The Provincial Labor and Social Security Office, the provincial Civil Affairs Department approved the extension in Shaanxi oil vocational skills identified by the officially established.

    1, identification of types of vocational skills
    According to provincial Labor and Social Security Office "on the extension of the oil in Shaanxi agreed to establish vocational skills identified by the letter of approval" (Lao She Shan letter [2008] 217), vocational skills identified by the identification of the types of work: The oil and gas exploration, oil and gas wells for testing, The miners, oil and gas exploitation of workers, the cementing, fracturing operatives, the production of fuel oil, the oil refining, the production of polypropylene, the wastewater treatment gas, oil and gas transportation workers, the protection of the pipeline, Silu Gong, Secretary pump Workers, ammonia production workers, measuring the chemical, chemical process operatives, the chemical test, the refined petroleum products, industrial gases operatives, the installation of mechanical equipment, electrical equipment installation work, synthetic rubber workers, electricians, mechanical processing operatives, Drivers, auto mechanics and other trades; identification class for elementary, intermediate, advanced; identification of the range of: Group-wide trade unions within the system; for the construction of units: Shaanxi extension of the oil (Group) Limited Liability Company.

    2, identified by the function
    Identification of the Human Resources Group, under the leadership responsible for the integrated management of the entire group identified vocational skills, technicians and senior technicians accreditation and certification management.
    Relying on extension of oil fields identified by the Authority mechanics school work, identified by the Director of Human Resources Group for concurrently, deputy director of the technical school principals concurrently.
    (B) the establishment of vocational skills identification station
    Group Company in accordance with reasonable distribution, planning and in accordance with the actual needs of the principle, all units in the group, which is the establishment of vocational skills identification station.
    1, station identification functions
    Identification on the same level under the leadership of the Human Resources Department, responsible for the identification of vocational skills assessment of the specific business.

    2, identification of the types and grades
    Identification of the scope of work station identification and identification by the company under the grading scale identification stations, hardware environment, the number of trades workers, the state evaluation team approved by the situation, the authority.

    3, the principles set
    (1) lean efficient. To full-time staff to manage the backbone to the main part-time staff for the evaluation, identification of station management personnel to achieve Yizhuanduoneng that have strong vocational skills identification management capabilities, but also has some technical expertise.
    (2) professional management. Identification of stations set up by professionals, according to national standards for vocational skills identification work.

    4, staffing
    Identification station chief in charge of implementing the system. 5 quota, including: a chief (of), one deputy chief, two comprehensive information management, test management for two people.

    5, the establishment of basic conditions
    (1) identification of work to meet the necessary office facilities, and by the identification of occupational (work) to register the types of examination venues, tools, equipment, and in accordance with national standards or industry-standard testing equipment and facilities.
    (2) there is a formal establishment, can effectively organize vocational skills identification work.
    (3) full-time deputy chief, college education, intermediate and above professional and technical qualifications, familiar with the identification of business organization and management, a strong sense of responsibility, work effective.
    (4) are equipped with identification of work to meet the needs of professionals (and) for the test, test, quality supervision, financial management, a clear division of labour, responsibilities clearly. Full-time staff of more than three years of work experience, college education.
    (5) to acquire the credentials of the country (and) the evaluation (of each job evaluation staff of not less than 3), in line with the identification of occupational (work) standard requirements of the regulations and management system.
    (C) for highly-skilled personnel evaluation, company technicians to set up evaluation committee (Treasurer)

    According to provincial Labor Office "on the issuance of <Shaanxi Province highly skilled personnel management evaluation of the implementation of social Program" notice "(Shan Lao She, [2004] 41), and" on the issuance of <Shaanxi Province highly skilled personnel management evaluation of the implementation of social programmes \ Supplementary provisions of the notice "(Shan Lao She, [2004] No. 60) spirit, the company set up technician evaluation committee, responsible for company technicians and senior technicians of the evaluation, reporting, and so on. Evaluation Committee (Treasurer) composed of experts for personnel 80-120 people each from the types of identification experts were randomly selected in the 11-15 member evaluation committee this year's technicians.

    Group highly skilled personnel evaluation: Advanced Engineering Group, as authorized by the station identification examination and identification; technicians from the company technicians evaluation committee evaluation, submitted to the provincial high-tech personnel expert evaluation committee approval; senior technician from the identification of vocational skills identified by province Centre to declare the relevant provisions of organizations, participate in the identification of the examination centre, the provincial highly skilled personnel expert evaluation committee review.

    (D) the establishment of vocational and technical identification of various rules and regulations
    Identification of quality is the lifeline of vocational skills identification, identification work is to maintain the sustainable development of the fundamental, the establishment of vocational and technical identification of various rules and regulations is to ensure that the quality of an important means of identification, identification of job skills is also an inherent requirement of their own development. Group vocational skills to identify various rules and regulations including administrative and technical management of the two, the administration identified include vocational skills, technicians senior technician management, vocational skills identification work rules, quality supervision rules, the HKEAA personnel management, professional qualifications The issuance of certificates and management systems, technology management, including the main trade unions to declare eligibility, the admission ticket management, Before the preparation, management of the invigilators, the examination room records, examination rules, scoring detection, identification results for and identification information to statistics, identification of quality analysis , And other systems.

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